4″ GreenStake Biodegradable Pin, 500/bx

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A GreenStake is really tough and can be driven into the hardest ground. But it also breaks down, naturally, without harming the environment because it is made from renewable materials and 100% biodegradable. It reduces the risk of injury to people and animals caused by a metal staple, eliminates the risk of damage to machines and equipment like mower blades and tires and can actually reduce project costs when used in place of a metal pin.

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GreenStake Biodegradable Pin – Data Sheet

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Better for the environment

A GreenStake is 100% biodegradable. That means it breaks down completely to carbon dioxide, water and humus, just like compost (degradable stakes contain plastics and do not conform to ASTM D6400). Use them and forget about them – they’ll keep gripping for over 18 months before completely disappearing.

Better for the job

A 4″ (10cm) GreenStake has 45% more anchorage power than a 6″ metal staple thanks to a larger surface area and added barbs. See the independent test chart results and pictures.

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