American Excelsior Bindex, w/ Tack, 50 lb/bale

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We now have a family of products to choose from when the project conditions warrant the use of a hydraulically applied product. Imagine the convenience of ordering base mulch products to a quality bonded fiber matrix (BFM), standard straw, straw/coconut, and coconut blankets, industry standard Curlex erosion control blankets, high performing and environmentally friendly Recyclex® turf reinforcement mats (TRMs), and efficient Curlex Sediment Logs® and standard straw wattles for sediment control all from the same company on the same truck.

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American Excelsior Bindex, w/ Tack – Information Sheet

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Curlex Fibers: All products in the Bindex Family of Hydraulic Mulches contain industry standard Curlex fibers. These are a few of the benefits Curlex fibers add to the Bindex Family of Hydraulic Mulches:

-Curlex Fibers help “bind” the matrix due to their unique curls and barbs
-Curlex Fibers provide added loft and surface roughness to the Bindex Family of Hydraulic Mulches
-Curlex Fibers are well known for their ability to help expedite germination
-Curlex Fibers have over 50 years of superior performance history as an erosion control media
-Curlex Fibers are made from a biodegradable and renewable resource (Great Lakes Aspen)
-Curlex Fibers have been tested under numerous test methods

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