CC35 (8′ x 16′) Cable Concrete Mats

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Cable Concrete® is an Articulating­ Concrete­ Block (ACB) system connected by cables allowing each individual block to be flexible and form to the terrain of the ground. This interconnected block system is available in four different thicknesses to provide the required stability for each project economically.

Cable Concrete® has gone through extensive testing by engineering departments at three different universities: The University of Windsor, Ontario; The University of Colorado; and The University of Minnesota.

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CC35 (8′ x 16′) Cable Concrete Mats – Data Sheet Link

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Design Features

-Manufactured, large footprint mats configuration and delivered to the jobsite for fast and economical installation
-Made with air entrained concrete for durability and freeze-thaw fracture resistance
-Cables are looped on all mat edges to provide for mat-to-mat connection and optional anchoring
-There is up to 70% open area to provide water permeability and vegetation growth
-The pyramidal block shape allows for articulation, ranging from 20° to 60° – depending upon the block size chosen
-Complete engineering analysis, with flume testing, has been conducted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota. Cable Concrete® is manufactured to exact specifications, which exceed both federal, provincial MTO and state D.O.T. requirements

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