Dandy Curb Bag, 24″ x 36″

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For a professional strength inlet filter – call in the reliability and durability of the Dandy Curb Bag. Patented and designed for use on curb and gutter inlets, the Dandy Curb Bag filters out the most stubborn sediment-laden storm water. The suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by the rough and tough Dandy Curb Bag prior to entering the inlet.

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Dandy Curb Bag – Data Sheet

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Get Maximum Benefits with Dandy

Unique patented design keeps silt, sediment, and debris out of storm systems
Designed to quickly conform to the shape of the curb
Built-in protective overflow design
Reduces or eliminates the need to flush or clean inlets
Easily seen because it’s fabricated from a bright orange monofilament geotextile
Sizes to fit any curb and gutter inlet
Easy to install, maintain, inspect, and reuse
Installation and Maintenance Guidelines


The empty Dandy Curb Bag should be placed over the grate as the grate stands on end.
If using optional oil absorbents, place absorbent pillow on the bottom of grate pouch.
Attach absorbent pillow to tether loop.
Tuck enclosure flap inside to completely enclose the grate.
Holding the lifting straps (do not rely on lifting straps to support entire weight of grate), place the grate into its frame (street side first), then lower back edge with dam into place.
When properly installed, the Dandy Curb Bag should be partially blocking curb hood.

Remove all accumulated sediment and debris from the surface and vicinity of the unit after each storm event.
Remove the sediment that has accumulated within containment area of the Dandy Curb Bag as needed.
If using optional oil absorbents, remove and replace absorbent pillow when near saturation.

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