Landlok® Erosion Control Blankets (ECBS)

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Landlok 407 Product Data Sheet
Natural-looking, high-strength polypropylene mesh.

Landlok S1 Product Data Sheet
Straw fibers stitch-bonded to a single net.

Landlok for swales, low-flow channels and moderate slopes

Landlok S2 Product Data Sheet
Straw fibers stitch-bonded to two nets. Functional longevity: Short-term degradable (1 year)

Landlok CS2 Product Data Sheet
70% straw/ 30% coconut blend Functional longevity: Extended-term degradable (2 years)

Landlok C2 Product Data Sheet
100% mattress grade coconut fiber mechanically bound and covered on both sides by netting. Extended-term degradable (3 years)

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Landlok ECBs are well-suited to the relatively short-term challenges of establishing vegetation in low to moderate erosion applications. Most of our ECBs are dimensionally stable reinforced rolled products made from a variety of organic and synthetic materials, including straw, coconut and polypropylene nettings. All of our ECBs are designed to hold seed and soil in place, protecting emerging seedlings and accelerating vegetation growth until it becomes robust enough to maintain long-term erosion protection by itself.
Landlok for moderate slopes (Functional longevity is short-term degradable/1 year).