Landlok® Stitch Bonded Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMS)

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download-pdf-cfg-construction-fabrics-and-grids-supplier-indianapolis-evansville-ft-wayne-lafayette-south-bend  Landlok 450 Product Data Sheet

Landlok 450 for moderate-flow channels and steep slopes

download-pdf-cfg-construction-fabrics-and-grids-supplier-indianapolis-evansville-ft-wayne-lafayette-south-bend  Landlok 1051 Product Data Sheet

Landlok 1051 for channels and shorelines susceptible to heavy water runoff

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Landlok®  stitch bonded turf reinforcement Mats are ideal for applications requiring immediate, long-term erosion protection, vegetative reinforcement and water quality enhancement capabilities. Our first generation stitch bonded TRMs, are made from 100% polypropylene non-degradable fibers and yarns and also feature our patented X3® fiber technology. When vegetated, Propex stich boned Landlok TRMs provide twice the erosion protection of vegetation alone.