Landlok® Woven Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMS)

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Landlok® second generation TRMs provide better, long-term performance over traditional methods like rock riprap and concrete paving and increased design life over first generation TRMs that are netted, fused, glued or stitch-bonded. Plus, all Propex TRMs feature our patented X3® fiber technology, which has two key advantages: first, its unique three-dimensional pattern creates a thick matrix of voids that trap seed, soil and water in place for quicker and thicker vegetation growth. Second, X3 fibers provide additional strength to double vegetation’s natural erosion protection abilities long-term.
Landlok 300 Turf Reinforcement Mat for high-flow channels and steep slopes
Unique, patented 3-D woven woven matrix of pyramids formed with X3 fibers that gridlocks soil in place under high-flow conditions.