Organic Earth Industries Omega Blend, 50 lb/bale

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Earth Essence® HGM2s are the next generation of technology proven more economical and effective than the application of “topsoil”, compost and other erosion control methods like hydromulching or blankets alone.

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American Excelsior Bindex, w/ Tack – Information Sheet

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Earth Essence® has revolutionized the erosion control and revegetation industry. Now see how it can improve your project’s bottom line!

-Less material applied means lower labor and material costs.
-Reduces the potential introduction of weed seed and pests associated with topsoil.
-No need to do an herbicide application to kill weed growth from topsoil because Earth Essence® is weed seed free.
-Less time on site because you are simultaneously applying the soil building materials and mulching layer.
-Earth Essence® only requires 60 gallons of water per bale so you can cover more ground with each load.
-Less water and fewer loads means less time on the site and reduced water costs.
-Reduced time for seedbed preparation.
-Faster and improved vegetation establishment so you reach cover requirements quicker potentially getting paid for the project sooner.
-Even without large earthmoving machines or compost blowers your hydroseeder and Earth Essence® HGM2 will allow hydroseeding contractors to bid on the topsoil/compost portion of the project, keeping your hydroseeder doing more work!

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