Organic Earth Industries Wicked Stick Guar/Starch Tackifier, 40 lb/bg

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WickedStick is a premium organic guar based tacking agent. WickedStick provides lubrication to your hydraulic slurry to produce a uniform cover with all types of hydraulic mulches.

WickedStick is all natural, biodegradable and organic

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Organic Earth Industries Wicked Stick Guar/Starch Tackifier – Data Sheet Link

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WickedStick is simple to use under field conditions and is readily dispersed when poured into water under agitation in a mixing tank. WickedStickTM works great as a straw tackifier and mulch binder and contains no harmful ingredients to plants or animals. Equipment clean-up is quick and
easy by flushing with water.

WickedStick is designed for use on slope gradients not exceeding 3:1 (horizontal:vertical) and 100 feet in length, where vegetation establishment will take less than 6 months.

All WickedStick products come packaged in 40 lb. (18.14 Kg) paper bags.

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