Drainage & Stormwater Management

Stormwater management involves the control of the surface runoff. As land development occurs, both the volume and rate of runoff substantially increase.
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The installation of storm sewer pipes when constructing on impervious surfaces, such as roofs, parking lots, and roadways, prevent the infiltration of rainfall into the soil as well as efficiently collect and discharge runoff from the area.

2. Management:

The third leading cause of impairment to streams is the nonpoint source pollution washed off from impervious surfaces. The management of stormwater runoff is necessary to compensate for possible impacts of impervious surfaces, such as decreased groundwater recharge, increased frequency of flooding, stream channel instability, the concentration of flow on adjacent properties, and damage to transportation and utility infrastructure.

We Offer SWQCP Engineered Stamped Plans  

Level One Indiana Certified in SWPP and All Municipality Stormwater Projects and regulations.

Owen Hunn graduated from the University of Missouri – Rolla in 1999 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He is a Certified Professional Engineer in both Missouri and Indiana. Along with being a Professional Engineer, Owen is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). Owen visits each site personally and photographs, analyses and reports on the status of the Erosion Control measures planned at that site. Owen has worked in both the private and public sectors. He worked as a Geotechnical Engineer for two companies and has also worked for the Alabama Dept of Environmental Management (ADEM).

If you would like to learn more about how Construction Fabrics and Grids can help with SWQCP Engineered stamped plans, please give us a call at 317-661-3014.

Timewell Drainage Products

Storm Water Drainage Products

As a family owned and operated company, we understand your need for competitive pricing, no-nonsense sales and timely service. Our complete line of stormwater drainage products and exclusive services will simplify your purchasing process and maximize your budget.

With Timewell you receive:

  • Full line of HDPE single and MaXflo dual wall pipe and fittings as well as polypropylene pipe, chambers, basins, and commercial and residential drainage accessories
  • A one-stop shop for all your industrial, highway and stormwater drainage needs
  • Materials delivered right to your business or job site
  • Environmental solutions to meet EPA Phase II requirements
  • An in-house project design team

Timewell’s line of drainage pipe, fittings, and accessories weren't built overnight. Since 1995, Timewell has been continuously developing, improving, and adding to our product line because we understand what our pipe is up against on the job. You need consistent, reliable drainage solutions, and Timewell delivers just that – on time and right to your door. Our multi-state footprint allows Timewell to deliver stormwater drainage products throughout the Midwest and the South.

ADS Drain HDPE and Single Wall Drain tile from 4” to 48"

Sizes: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”,48"

ADS is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable products built to provide you with innovative stormwater management solutions. From pipes, fittings, chambers, and basins, we continually enhance our product to advance the world’s water infrastructure

Rainstore³ storm retainage system

Rainstore³ storm retainage system, and water harvesting for green roofs, rain gardens and sportsfield drainage.

Made From 100% Recycled Plastic

Rainstore³ is a modular, stackable, underground water containment system designed by a Landscape Architect for both subsurface detention basins and retention/harvesting systems in 1999, Rainstore³ has since been used in a myriad of other applications such as water/rain gardens, green roofs, and sports field drainage. With depths ranging from 4” to 7.9’, units arrive at the site preassembled for easy, drop-in installation.

Hydraway Technologies
Hydraway 300Basement Waterproofing

The Hydraway 300 Drain Board System

By combining high compression strength and a flexible polyethylene core with a higher in-flow rate, the Hydraway 300 system relieves hydrostatic pressure alongside residential and commercial foundation walls and other subsurface structures better than traditional systems.

Hydraway 300 also includes a built-in protection board, saving contractors from charging extra for an additional product. In other words, Hydraway 300 is the most complete, easy-to-install, and highly functional drain board system on the market today. Every coil is individually wrapped, making installation simple even in cold temperatures where other packaging methods can be a major hassle.

Hydraway 2000 6” and 12” Flat Pipe Design for Sports Field Drainage

There are a few key factors that differentiate Hydraway Drainage Solutions from more conventional perforated pipe drainage systems. Our system offers a higher inflow rate for water while resisting clogging via silt and soil, is easier to install (reducing labor costs), and allows water to flow over 70% of its surface. In other words, our system diverts water away from your field—whether it is natural or synthetic turf—and maintains a state of play that you and your patrons can enjoy.

Not only does this solution keep players safe, but we also protect your investment and reputation, as drainage is a critical factor in ensuring that guests and ticket-holders can continue visiting and watching games

American Wick Site Drain 180

SITEDRAIN DS-180 Series geocomposite sheet drain products are composed of a dimpled polymeric perforated core with a geotextile bonded to both sides. The geotextile allows water to pass through while retaining backfill materials. The perforated core allows water collection from both sides and provides a continuous flow path to designated drainage exits. SITEDRAIN DS-180 Series products provide an economical solution for double-sided subsurface drainage applications requiring low strength and high flow capacity. Various geotextile options are available to meet project-specific requirements.

American Wick Chimney Drain

SITEDRAIN Chinmney drain geocomposite chimney drain is composed of a dimpled polymeric perforated core fully wrapped in a nonwoven geotextile. The geotextile allows water to pass through while retaining backfill materials. The perforated core allows water collection from all sides and provides a continuous flow path to designated drainage exits. SITEDRAIN Chimney Drain is an economical solution for double-sided subsurface drainage applications requiring moderate strength,high flow capacity, and a geotextile meeting AASHTO M288 Class 2 subsurface drainage requirements.

Product Information

  • Engineered geospacer drainage product consisting of a formed polymeric core and a laminated geotextile
  • Effective for vertical installation requiring discrete coverage and spaced intervals
  • Cost effective, engineered solution for subsurface water management from one primary direction and one secondary direction
  • Roll Width: 12” (0.3m), 18” (0.46m) or 24” (0.61m)
  • Roll Length: 100’ (32m)