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Find out about the landscape materials we offer in the categories below.  We supply landscape materials from top manufacturers and brands for fast delivery and design flexibility. We specialize in regional favorites that perfectly blend with Indiana’s natural beauty and terrain.
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Advanced Turf-Contractors Mix, Landscape Mix Grass Seeds

Advanced Turf Solutions (ATS) is a green industry distributor offering turf and ornamental fertilizer, chemicals, grass seed, sports field products, ice melt, and accessories to the golf, lawn care, landscape, and athletic field markets. ATS services Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia.

A deep commitment to servicing customers better than anyone in the green industry is at the core of ATS’ business model. ATS's is 100% employee-owned, with everyone from the management team to the warehouse staff to the corporate staff dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience. The mantra, your success is our success, could not be more true for the ATS sales team. Offering to-your-door forklift delivery and sales representatives available to solve problems at your convenience, ATS truly offers a service that no one in the market can provide.

ATS not only provides service second to none, it also offers the most knowledgeable and experienced sales team in the green industry, with the average sales representative having over 20 years of experience. ATS’s sales team is yet to meet a problem it cannot solve. Each representative has a vast array of resources at their disposal, including the entire ATS sales team, a large network of other green industry experts, and professional soil testing services.

This combination of service and solutions makes ATS the smart choice as your green industry distributor. Offering the best post-patent products on the market at a great value, ATS sales representatives can be the resource for all your green industry needs.

Cisco -Executurf Grass Seed Blends

Executive® Sun Mix provides a beautiful, dark, lush green lawn for your showplace! Executive® Sun Mix is made up of three elite Perennial Ryegrass and three elite Kentucky Bluegrass varieties. Executive® Sun Mix includes only varieties that have excellent to very good ratings in NTEP* trials for disease ratings, genetic color, density, and overall turf quality. Executive® Sun Mix is an excellent choice for new lawns or for interseeding into established lawns.

Best For

  • Sunlight needed: Full Sun
  • Soil Types: Loams
  • Maintenance: Medium-High
  • Fertility: Medium-High
  • Traffic: Very Good

Contact us for ALL of the Executurf Seed options!

The Andersons 12-12-12, 16-28-12, Fertilizers and Custom Blended Fertilizers

12-12-12 Fertilizer

12-12-12 fertilizer contains a balance of nutrients for added greening power, formulated to help disease resistance and thicken new and existing lawns. A lawn typically utilizes 1 to 4 pounds of Nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per growing season, and a 50-pound bag typically covers 15,000 square feet. Reapplication occurs no sooner than every four weeks. Fertilizers should not be applied if drought conditions exist.

16-28-12 Fertilizer

16-28-12 starter fertilizer is a blend of Urea, Potassium Chloride, usually with a single source of phosphate. The percentages are dependent on labeled grade, typically within the ranges specified. An inert filler may also be included. The Sulfur is present as a coating on some or all of the Urea. The remaining ingredients are present in a coating on all granules.

Spence Restoration Nursery Native Seed Blends and Native Plugs

Spence Restoration Nursery is a wholesale producer of midwest native herbaceous plugs and seeds of Ohio Valley and Great Lakes origins. We produce around 180 species of native plugs for wetland, prairie, and woodland understory situations. Our seed nursery comprises five properties totaling around 240 acres and includes nearly 140 species. Our plugs and seeds are source identified by the Indiana Crop Improvement Association through their Yellow Tag source identification program. 

Our native plants are well known for their exceptional performance in the field. They are grown in 2 3/8” square by three ¾” deep open-bottomed pots, ensuring a large, vigorous root system. We continue to maintain an inventory of over one-half million plants available for prompt shipment.

In 1998 we purchased our first tract of land for seed production. Today we have around 240 acres in native seed production of native grasses, sedges, rushes, and wildflowers. Our seed production properties include wetlands, wooded areas, clay, loam, clay, loam, and sandy soils, ensuring our ability to produce species for various and sandy soils, ensuring our ability to produce species for a variety of Midwest habitats. Our seed nursery has been established from seed collected from prairie, wetland, and woodland remnants across northern and central Indiana. Many of our foundation collections for our prairie species were made in northwest Indiana, making these seeds highly appropriate for restoration in the Chicago land region of the Midwest Indiana's official seed regulatory agency. We maintain detailed records of the origins of all of our seeds and will be happy to share them with our customers.

 We pioneered the production of Source Identified Local Genotype seed in the state of Indiana. We worked with the Indiana Crop Improvement Association, the official seed regulatory agency in Indiana, to bring the first Yellow Tag Certified, Source Identified Local Genotype seed to market. These tags ensure that our seed is produced from foundation collections originating from Indiana remnant native plant communities.

We work with our clients including to ensure that projects we supply are installed and maintained to maximize success. Our 17 years of experience allow us to advise our clients on key issues such as site preparation, installation methods and timing, and proper post-planting maintenance.

We have the experience and knowledge to custom design a seed mix for your site based on geology, soil, and desired plant community. We often work with park departments and land trusts to develop a seed mix to replicate pre-settlement plant communities based on local remnants and botanical records.

Tenax Safety Fences (Light and Heavy Duty)

Tenax is the innovator and original inventor of that are easier to handle and highly visible, providing an alternative to traditional metal construction materials Tenax’s plastic construction solutions are easier to handle and highly visible, providing an alternative to traditional metal construction materials orange that are easier to handle and highly visible, providing an alternative to traditional metal construction materials. Theorange safety fence still uses the highest quality polymers and colors to create the best overall safety barriers and nets in the industry.

Tenax Safety Fence and Warning Barriers are designed for protection around construction sites, manholes, or as a property delineator. Providing an alternative to traditional metal construction materials, Tenax’s plastic construction solutions are easier to handle and highly visible. Perfect for road workcrowd controland identifying obstacles and dangerous areas.

Seymour Paint-Marking Paint

Description: A patented temporary marking paint that dries fast and produces vivid lines. Marking paint is water soluble and can be removed immediately with a garden hose or gradually after a few rains. Covers approximately 400 linear feet per can. The sprayhead can be actuated by hand or with the #Z-606 Marking Wand or #Z-605 Marking Gun. VOC compliant.

Chicago Steel Products
Painted and Unpainted Tee Posts

Chicago Heights Steel’s traditional tee posts are built to last. Get superior strength and quality for the toughest fencing applications for farm, ranch, home and commercial or industrial job site use.Traditional tee posts from Chicago Heights Steel provide outstanding strength, ease of use and durability for years to come. Strength, because our posts are rail steel. Easy to use, because they have extensive applications, particularly for fencing on the farm or at home, and for chain-link fences. Durable, because there is simply no other high carbon steel product which is produced and controlled as carefully as are rails.Heavy, medium and light duty posts are available in the standard lengths of 6,7,8,9,10 and 12 feet. Posts are simply driven into the ground, with no digging necessary. Wire clips provided with the posts quickly and firmly secure fencing. A rugged anchor plate locks the studded tee post straight and stable in any type of soil.

Earthway Grass Seed Spreaders

Features + Benefits

  • EarthWay's patented EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop shutoff system and heavy-duty gearbox ensure an even spread of all professional materials
  • Now includes patented SideSpred-Control, which maintains the correct application rate while eliminating the need for a side deflector
  • Side Spred also controls the spread pattern to the front and right of the spreader, preventing seed, fertilizer and more from being spread into flowerbeds and onto sidewalks or driveways
  • 80-lb. capacity rustproof poly hopper
  • 120-lb. load bearing capacity chassis
  • Fingertip rate control setting located high on the handle for precise adjustments
  • Commercial quality gearbox with enclosed gears ensures years of trouble-free use
  • 10in. pneumatic wheels for easy rolling
  • Fully assembled in box with full size folding handle and foam grip for instant setup and use plus easy storage
  • Comes with a rate calculation matrix to assist in setting for all granular products, including granular materials

Vertical Vegetation Living Green Walls


Thank you for your interest in Vertical Vegetation Company. Our main focus is “Green Walls.” We are dedicated to helping this incredible architectural feature become commonplace in the Design Community. These walls can be utilized both inside and outside buildings and structures. Our current product line allows for applications ranging from full to no sunlight. We have walls for moderate temperatures and below-freezing temperatures. Green Walls can range in size and composition of the plantings. Many have diverse color schemes, and others are vegetable gardens. Below is a brief listing of our offerings:

Green Envee

Faux panels are a composite of a power-coated mesh frame adorned with 85 artificial plants. The plants are from 16 different species. The panels are 85 cm x 85 cm (2.79’ x 2.79’) or 7.78 sq. ft./panel. They come in two styles, “Rome” and“ Milan”. They are virtually maintenance-free and all UV-rated, and fire-retardant. Excellent option when water, light, and access and maintenance are an issue.

Polar Moss Company

is the primary source of Reindeer Moss in Finland. They ecologically harvest the moss by hand in a sustainable rotation. The moss is then preserved with a method involving salt water. The end product is a matrix of moss that looks, feels, and smells alive. Polar Moss comes in Flexible Panels (16”x 24”), Islands (27”,44”,57”), and Spheres (9”,13”,15”,24”). Polar Moss is available in 16 vibrant colors. Polar Moss is for interior applications, but its presence will improve the feeling of any office, home, or conference room.


is a modular composite of rock wool, geotextile, and aluminum frame. The front of each panel has pockets for 25 plants. Through drip irrigation, the geotextile waters the plants in a consistent fashion. A smartphone-based application monitors the wall in real-time. It will alert us to areas that are too dry or too wet. In addition, the system automatically shuts down at 36° F and restarts when it is 37° or above. These panels are 1M x 1M or 10.764 sq. ft./panel. The panels easily affix to the aluminum frame mounted on a wall and can be used both indoors and out.