MSE Wall Products

MSE walls (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) are used to stabilize slopes and retain soil. They're generally made from precast segmental blocks, panels, or geocells that are designed to tolerate movement. The precast forms are filled with soil to create a strong structure that is able to retain the soil backfill.
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A Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall is a composite structure consisting of alternating layers of compacted backfill and soil reinforcement elements, fixed to a wall facing. The stability of the wall system is derived from the interaction between the backfill and soil reinforcements, involving friction and tension. The wall facing is relatively thin, with the primary function of preventing erosion of the structural backfill. The result is a coherent gravity structure that is flexible and can carry a variety of heavy loads. flexible, coherent gravity structure that can carry various

Geostar HP200, 300,500,700

Geostar Unilateral geogrid reinforcement,GeoSteel-a line of welded wire forms that provides strong support for both hydroseeded green walls or galvanized rock wall systems typically employed in reinforced slopes greater than 45 degrees

Geostar - Geosteel Welded Wire Forms / Baskets

WeldedWire Forms / Baskets

The GeoSteel line of welded wire forms from Geostar provides strong support for both hydro-seeded green walls or galvanized rock-filled wall systems. Typically employed in reinforced slopes greater than 45o (1V:1H), the GeoSteel L-shaped basket and strut system is available in black, electro-galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized.

Used as a supporting player in any slope solution, or in combination with our GeoGrid products for a total Geostar solution, GeoSteel holds on and holds up for a structurally sound and beautifully executed reinforced slope.

And GeoSteel, like all Geostar products, are strategically positioned by purpose, price, proximity, and performance.

We have what you need, you can afford it, we can get it to you, and you’ll get more than you need from it all in this steel basket.

Terra Aqua Galvanized and
PVC Coated Gabions

Terra Aqua’s gabion gravity retaining wall systems are monolithic gravity mass structures and follow standard design methods for gravity retaining walls. The following information is provided by Terra Aqua as a design guide to assist Professional Engineers, Government Agencies, Land Developers, and Contractors in the proper design, specification, construction and inspection of gabion gravity retaining walls.

Galvanized wire- appropriate conditions for useDry conditions

  • Subjected to short periods of contact with water
  • Not to be submerged below water level
  • Used in non corrosive soil & non corrosive water quality applications
  • Galvanized PVC Coated wire- appropriate conditions for use

  • Wet conditions
  • Submerged below water level
  • Used in corrosive soil & corrosive water quality applications
  • Galfan wire- appropriate conditions for use

  • Wet conditions
  • Submerged conditions
  • Oceanic applications
  • Extremely corrosive soil & corrosive water quality applications
  • TC Mirafi, MSE Wall Joint Fabric

    Keeps sand in reinforced concrete earth wall systems.

    Propex, Pyrawall

    PYRAWALL® is an engineered wrap-face vegetated solution for constructing reinforced-soil walls and steepened slopes. The system consists of PYRAMAT® 75 High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) and fiber-composite internal bracing. Featuring flexible setback and alignment, PYRAWALL can be customized to unique site conditions and geometrics.


    Features and Benefits

    ·       Interlaced bracing provides superior material connection and system performance

    ·       Produces reinforced soil mass to resist lateral earth pressures and provides immediate erosion protection upon installation

    ·       Is a Vegetated Best Management Practice Solution for NPDES Storm Water Compliance

    ·       Superior UV resistance for up to 75 years of design life

    ·       Eliminates the need for temporary metal bracing or removable forms to improve installation efficiency

    ·       Flexibility of product allows for curves to be incorporated along the wall or slope alignment

    ·       Provides durable, permeable and vegetated wall face for long-term performance and aesthetics

    ·       Ideal for coastal climates because the components are environmentally inert and not susceptible to corrosion

    ·       On-site soil can be used for infill eliminating the cost and carbon footprint of importing soil

    ·       System is easily transported making it ideal for sites that are difficult to access

    ·       If walls/slope are higher than seven feet requiring geogrid extensions, then PYRAWALL serves as secondary reinforcement to redistribute potential high facing loads

    ·       Patented Trilobal X3® Fiber Technology helps lock in seeds and promote rapid root mass development

    ·       Available in Green or Tan

    Industrial Fabrics, Geocell

    How GeoCell Works

    BaseLok™ GeoCell is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and manufactured in the USA. HDPE has been used for the most demanding industrial products since 1955. The three-dimensional cells impede lateral movement of the infill material, increasing structural strength and locking in materials for erosion protection. The cell walls are perforated to allow water flow through the system, creating improved root zone between cells for vegetated applications. On concrete filled GeoCell, the HDPE matrix becomes the form for the concrete. There is no need for wood forms or rebar. The panels are expanded and the concrete poured directly into the GeoCell.

    The high strength cell walls of the Industrial Fabrics Geocell reinforce the system horizontally and vertically to prevent lateral movement of material, all while maintaining the shape and integrity of the structure.

    In situations where a slope is steeper than the soil alone would allow, Industrial Fabrics, Geocell can be stacked to create a gravity retaining wall. The structure stands by virtue of its weight and can be easily constructed with local aggregates. Gravity retaining walls have a degree of flexibility that allows them to be constructed over variable foundation soils without loss of structural stability.

    Synteen-SF-35, SF-80

    Synteen is the authority for intelligently developed, American-manufactured uni- and biaxial geogrids and high strength polyester fabrics, which have successfully supported the missions of customers like the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the United States Forest Service and the Federal Highway Administration. 

    Synteen also boasts more flexibility than competing manufacturers to more quickly and efficiently modify products, per changing consumer needs. Case in point, Synteen started making 17’ geogrid and fabric widths while competitors only offer 12’ widths. Customized products are also available so clients get exactly what they need—at the lowest available cost.

    SF35 & SF80

    SF35 & SF80 are composed of high molecular weight, high tenacity multifilament polyester yarns that are woven into a stable network placed under tension. The high strength polyester yarns are coated with a PVC material. SF Geogrids are inert to biological degradation and are resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids. SF Geogrids are typically used for soil reinforcement applications such as retaining walls, steepened slopes, embankments, sub-grade stabilization, embankments over soft soils and waste containment applications.